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This site is dedicated to issues relating to Probate matters in Singapore and is owned and managed by W.M. Low & Partners, a firm of solicitors practicing in Singapore.

We are a firm of Singapore family law solicitors specialising in inter alia, Probate, Wills and Estate matters (contested and non contested).

Our firm was established in 1994. We are one of the few law firms in Singapore with an online presence for Probate and Wills drafting service since 2003 under a top leading site willsonline.com.sg. Our lawyers have 24 years of active practice experience.

We act for Singapore citizens as well as foreigners. Our clients can be assured that their Wills are drafted with much care and thought by senior solicitors. As we are also experienced litigators who had handled contested probate matters, we take great care to ensure that the Wills drafted are in strict compliance with all Acts and regulations. For testators who are unwell or of a relatively old age, we recommend that a medical officer certify the testamentary capacity of the testator to reduce any issue of its validity being challenged. For very large estate, if instructed, we are able to arrange for a private senior psychiatrist from an established hospital to attend to the testator for a report prior and subsequent to the execution of the Will.

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For a simple Will (one executor and a single sole beneficiary), our fees start from $180/-. We provide two witnesses, a senior solicitor and a paralegal or two senior solicitors. In most instances, we are able to draft the Will on the spot and hence our client need only to make one trip to our office.

For Probate matters, our fees structure are very competitive as we are familiar with such matters. Our professional costs for obtaining a Grant of Probate starts from $1200/-for a simple estate (excluding disbursements) and provided the Will is inter alia free from any issue/ faults ie there is no need for due execution affidavit to be signed by the solicitor who had drafted the Will.

We accept instructions from foreign law firms in resealing of foreign grants in Singapore for their clients. We are familiar with muslim as well as non muslim estate. We have Mandarin and Malay speaking solicitors.

Upon the death of a person, generally his assets cannot be dealt with until the Grant of Letters of Administration (died without Will) or the Grant of Probate (died with Will) is issued by the Court. The Court issues the Grant after the application has been filed and (all procedure has been followed). If the estate is large, the time required would be longer as the value of the various assets have to be ascertained. In the case of a Grant of Probate, the time frame would be shorter as there would not be a need for a renunciation application or dispensation with sureties. We have completed and extracted the grant within a few weeks of instructions for some of our clients. 

For assets above S$5 million, the application is filed in the High Court. pursuant to the latest direction. For assets below S$5 million, the application is filed in the Family Courts. Stamp fees for estate above $3m however are substantively much higher than those below. If you require any assistance to apply for Grant of Probate or Grant of Letters of Administration, please call 6534 1328 for an inquiry.

The fees and disbursements depend on the extent of the assets, nature of the assets and the location of the assets etc. For assets located overseas, you would have to apply for the re-sealing of the Grant in some instances or a fresh application in other instance, depending on which country the assets are located. Foreign lawyers are required to be engaged for such overseas application. The charges for the re-sealing of a Grant and application overseas vary, depending again on various factors.

To make a booking, call ++65 6534 1328

Email us at   admin@probatelawyer.sg

Our Skills


We pride ourselves in giving professional services to our clients, so that each client feels satisfied and happy with our services. Our clients can be assured that their matters are completed with skill & expertise. The lawyers doing the work are senior probate lawyers.


We aim to complete each matter within a few weeks of  instructions, with speed faster than our estimated time. We  pride ourselves in completing the matters faster than our competitors.


We give each file our utmost attention, however small the estate or large the assets division. We recognise that the surviving beneficiaries need closure as quickly as possible.


As we are  familiar with the procedure, our fees are therefore lower than most of our competitors. We are pleased that our firm is able to provide the public with easy access to good legal services. Our fees for Wills start from $180/-, Probate from $1200/-

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